Leadership Cup

Let’s celebrate! When you move your IOLTA, Oregon gets closer to justice for all.

About the Cup

In partnership with the Campaign for Equal Justice, the Oregon Law Foundation awards the Leadership Cup to the Oregon region with the highest percentage increase in IOLTAs at Leadership Banks and Credit Unions.

The Difference You Can Make

The Oregon Law Foundation funds efforts to bring justice to all in Oregon protecting the homes, families, and livelihoods of the most over burdened communities.  When you use an OLF Leadership Bank or Credit Union for your IOLTA, you will generate up to 300x more interest to fund our grantees.  Simply moving your IOLTA account generates funding for the Oregon Law Foundation every month, with no additional effort from you. That is why we say Where you bank matters!

How to Make the Move

3 easy steps to move your IOLTA to a Leadership Bank or Credit Union:

  1. Review your current IOLTA for outstanding payments that have not yet cleared
  2. Open a new IOLTA at a Leadership Bank or Credit Union
  3. Transfer the balance to your Leadership IOLTA, minus outstanding payments.

Past Winners

2022 Winner
Clackamas County
2021 Winner
Lincoln County