Partners in Justice

Where you bank matters!

It is easy to move or open your IOLTA with our Partners in Justice. Just contact one of the financial institutions below to get your IOLTA making up to 125x more to provide justice for all in Oregon.

Visionary: 1.25%+

Pay at least 1.25% interest and do not charge service fees against IOLTA interest.

Beneficial State Bank
Craig Hill 503-200-5512
Linda Merrill 503-445-5512
Columbia Bank
Elise Bouneff 503-542-8560
Gwyn Hilden 503-736-6034
Heritage Bank
Kristen Connor 503-306-5360
Roscinda Cruz 503-693-7500
Lewis & Clark Bank
Valorie Emerson 503-212-3200
Northwest Bank
Angela DeVita 503-905-3210
George Lekas 503-906-3950
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Stephanie Cannon 503-944-6421
Pioneer Trust Bank
New Accounts 503-363-3136, x208
Washington Trust Bank
Helen Samarsky 503-778-7090
Wells Fargo Bank
Pays 1.25% on balances over $50,000
Willamette Valley Bank
Kennedy Traeger 503-485-3785




Advocacy: 1.00% to 1.25%

Pay between 1% and 1.25% interest and do not charge service fees against IOLTA interest.

Bank of Eastern Oregon
First Interstate Bank
Portland/Salem/SW Washington 
Scott Gray 503-499-5957
Central Oregon
Jason Mooney 541-617-3539
Southern Oregon 
Brent Pearson 541-608-8955
Jeannie Sterry 541-334-4921
First Republic Bank
Kay Levis 503-471-4995
Brian Rice 503-471-4983
Oregon Pacific Bank
Vicki Gray 458-210-2022
Pacific West Bank
Kris Ryan 503-905-2231
Umpqua Bank
Pays 1% on balances over $100,000