Legal Needs Study Underway

The Oregon Law Foundation’s Legal Needs Study is underway. The OLF’s study is the first comprehensive statewide research into the legal needs of low-income Oregonians since 2000.

The first part of the study is a survey of Oregonians in high-poverty census blocks across the state. The survey has been designed to ask about experiences within the last 12 months that are indicators of legal issues. In addition to assessing the number and kind of legal issues Oregonians have experienced, they survey hopes to discover how low-income Oregonians feel about the judicial system and what issues they seek legal help for. Study results will shed light on the experiences of low-income Oregonians and help shape how legal services are delivered.

The study is being conducted in partnership with the Oregon Judicial Department, the Campaign for Equal Justice, Portland State University, and legal service providers. Study results are expected in the late summer or fall of 2018.